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Grow your dagcoins with confidence.

Smart investors deposit dagcoins to earn premium bonuses. We offer exactly that.

Amount to deposit


Initial deposit
1000 DAG
12 months
Bonus rate
You’ll get
1100 DAG

Dagcoin Grow is for you if you’re looking for a risk-free solution to grow your dagcoins.

How it works

  • Sign up

    Sign up and verify your account

  • Deposit

    Deposit the amount you would like to grow

  • Grow

    Your coins + bonuses are available for withdrawal after your selected period!

How do your coins grow?

Dagcoin’s mission is to create a cryptocurrency that is meant for using, not trading. Just like regular money.

We encourage our users to hold on to their coins until more merchants from around the world have started to accept dagcoins.

To incentivise this, Dagcoin has decided to give away additional coins to those who believe in our long-term vision.

By growing your coins, you are helping us to build a stable and more usable cryptocurrency.

Your safety is our priority #1

We built Dagcoin Grow by having the highest financial standards of safety and security in mind.

We use cold storage to hold the coins. This means your coins are stored offline and can’t be hacked. This method of storage is much safer than just keeping your coins on any device.

When you deposit your coins to Dagcoin Grow, you can rest assured that your money and bonuses are highly protected.

Frequently asked questions

Good time to start was yesterday

  • Easy to use

    Using Dagcoin Grow is an easy three-step process - sign up, deposit, and grow!

  • Guaranteed bonuses

    Dagcoin Grow is a risk-free way to grow your coins. Choose from 12-, 24-, or 36-month periods to gain more bonuses.

  • Fixed amount for fixed period

    Our service is meant for depositing your coins for a fixed period. If you cancel before the set period, you won’t get any bonuses.