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Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy dagcoins?

      Dagcoins can be bought from the SwipeX currency exchange platform. Visit the website to purchase dags.

  • How can I cancel before the deposit period is ower?

      If you need to cancel your deposit, please contact our Support Team and they can assist you further.

  • Which bonus rates are offered?

      The bonuses are set between 3 options: 12 months with a 10% bonus rate, 24 months with a 20% bonus rate, 36 months with a 40% bonus rate.

  • How are my dagcoins kept safe?

      We use cold storage to hold the coins. This means your coins are stored offline and can’t be hacked. This method of storage is much safer than just keeping your coins on any device.

  • How can I withdraw my coins?

      Your coins + bonuses are available for withdrawal after your selected period! The withdrawal button will appear when the selected period is over.

  • Why do I have to verify my account?

      Note that as a financial institution, we need to know our customers better and therefore you need to be verified before you can add your deposit. You’ll be having a notification on the top of the page saying Verify now. Click the link and follow the instructions to verify your account.

  • I’m already verified in VerifyOnce.

      If you already have an account in VerifyOnce, then just click Verify now, log in with the verified email and click Start.

  • I’m unable to verify my account.

      If you are unable to verify your account, please contact our Support Team and they can assist you further.

  • What is the verification code?

      VerifyOnce can be accessed with a new code that is sent to your email every time you wish to log in. You cannot log in with an old code that was generated in the past.

  • What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

      The minimum amount is 100 DAGs

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